Log-in Gender link for interactive conversations
Posted: 15-April-2020


Log-in Gender is a portal of WISCOMP and now has a Cotton University corner of its portal and content  in the Centre for Women's Studies link of the Cotton University website.

Log-in Gender is the first-of-its-kind connecting portal for leaders from academia, educators, policymakers, civil society members, artists,  to share resources, practices, updates, and learnings on engendering campuses. It is a dynamic and interactive conversation space for university and college communities on issues of inclusion, equity, and gender justice.  It’s also a virtual space to celebrate stories of courage and determination of individuals who raised their voice against gender-based violence on campuses and used creative methods to nurture inclusive and compassionate learning spaces and institutional ethos.

Log in Gender is part of WISCOMP’s Hamsa: Campus Equity Initiative and is being shared with CWS, Cotton University .

It is a:

  • Conversation Space for university and college communities and activists, civil society, action researchers who work on gender justice and rights of the gender minorities;

  • Connecting Platform for leaders in the Academy to share learnings from Gender Audits and positive stories on what works to counter sexual harassment and improve gender balance in HEIs and other educational institutions;

  • Space to Celebrate stories of courage, determination and resilience of individuals who raised a voice against gender-based violence on their campuses; and 

  • Window to Contemporary Ideas and Approaches for engendering campuses.